Pacific Northwest, USA


Pacific Northwest, USA

Lots to do in the Pacific Northwest.

We worked our way South through Washington stopping for Don to play Chambers Bay Golf Club (home of the 2015 US Open) on the banks of the Puget Sound.


Crossing in to Oregon we head straight for Portland and a few days enjoying the food trucks and crazy craft beer scene.


An entire block of food trucks in Portland, Oregon.

With over 80 local breweries Portland has certainly earned its moniker as #1 beer city in America if not the world.

From Portland we headed Southeast to the town of Bend and the Cascade Lakes for a few days of camping and kayaking. After checking out a couple of campgrounds, we settled on Cultus Lake for 3 days.  We loved it here and it felt great to park it for a few days.


img_5939 20160828_135750 IMG_5934 IMG_5932 IMG_5931 IMG_5930


Waiting for the show at the campground's amphitheatre.

We loved kayaking Cultus Lake. We crossed the entire lake and went for a swim.  20160830_154927 20160829_145435


Kayaker's Breakfast.....Pretty sure we had a green salad with this.

Having recharged with a few idle days and now craving seafood we pointed the truck back west and within four hours were on the coast and in the fishing village of Newport, Oregon.

We hit Newport just in time for Albacore Tuna season when the tuna are in Oregon waters feasting on anchovies and sardines.

So we also had a feast!


Dungeness Crab Po Boy


Seared Tuna Nicoise Salad


With our take out pints of piping hot clam chowder from Mo's to take the chill off we set up camp at South Beach State Park.

(Mo's produces 500,000 lbs of clam chowder a year!)

We ate it before we could take a photo of it.

img_6057 img_5998IMG_6006


Noisy bunch....

Male California Sea Lions make the trip North to hang out while the ladies stay in California.  IMG_6018 IMG_6046


Small piece of Japanese dock from 2011 Tsunami

The concrete slab above is a small piece of a dock that broke away during the March 2011 Japanese Tsunami (caused by 9.0  earthquake).  The dock measuring 19 feet x 68 feet x 7 feet and weighing 165 tons spent 15 months floating across the pacific before landing on a beach in Newport. This piece was cut off, cleaned up and placed in town to promote Tsunami awareness.

The next few days took us down the Oregon Coast exploring the towns and villages and hiking the endless beaches and dunes.





Spouting Horn at Cook's Chasm, Cape Perpetua State Park, Oregon

Spouting Horn at Cook's Chasm, Cape Perpetua, Oregon


That's a pile of oyster shells

That's a pile of oyster shells

In all, we spent 8 days in Oregon and felt we didn't scratch the surface.

Loved It.

...Next stop California!

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  1. Great post! I really really want to eat that dungeness crab po boy! I found your blog through my husband Graeme, he works at Terroni. This trip looks so fun, I will check back again to see where you are and what you’re eating! (I’m a chef, by the way.)

    • Hi Maybel! Thanks so much for your note. Currently working our way through California. New post coming soon! 🙂

  2. This trip looks amazing! – and delicious! -except for the gum wall!
    Hope you are both truly having as much fun as it looks…
    Great blog!

    • Hey Graeme! Thanks so much. Great to hear from you! Miss you guys. Heading to LA and craving Terroni! xo

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