Seattle, WA


Seattle, WA

Seattle was once again all about food.

Once we disembarked the ferry in Anacortes, Washington, we headed for Seattle to enjoy the big city and load up on more great eats.

Sleeping in the bush in a rather dodgy state park half an hour outside of town for a couple nights, we drove in to the city each morning and spent much of our time in the food shops of the Pike Place Market.

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Pike Place Market is obviously geared to the tourist and priced accordingly but we couldn't resist sampling and loading the camper fridge with some outstanding treats.

Searrano ham, ghost pepper salami and triple cream brie from DeLaurenti Specialty Food and Wine Shop.

...and the garlic pepper smoked salmon from the Pike Place Fish Market.

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Then we had to get a sample of the popular hand made cheese and cheese curds from Beechers Hand Made Cheese.


Dinner is ready...


We squeezed in a fantastic French breakfast of baked eggs w/ ham and gruyere and a salt cod puree with potato, garlic and cream at Le Pichet.

...and a ridiculous fried chicken dinner with cheddar cheese grits, collard greens and fried egg at Local 360.


And after all the great food what else would one do but visit the gum wall... Ew!


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  1. If I were younger I would loved to take a trip like the two of you. May sister Linda and myself took 3 weeks to go around Lake Superior in just a car with no plans. October and we visited Provincial Parks along the way now closed and deserted byway. Best trip ever. Good luck, keep eating and sending pictures along with the blog. Looks like a great adventure.

    • Hi Carol! Thanks so much for reaching out. Sorry for the delay – we’ve been in the bush. Great to hear from you. We really LOVED Lake Superior and wished we had gone there sooner. It’s been a great adventure so far! Thanks for following and keep in touch. Best, Sam xo

  2. Wow, what a trip. Love the photos and blog. I am so jealous. Looks like so much fun. After reading, I am really hungry. Take care, have fun and keep the posts coming.


    • Hi Shelley – thanks for reaching out and following us. Sorry for the delayed response. We’ve been in the bush. Stay tuned for more coming soon. In California now enjoying the PCH. Best Sam.

  3. Every time I read your blog I head to our fridge and look in and close it disappointed. Best to read this blog on a full belly. Travel Safe

    • Hi Steve. So sorry for the delay. We’ve been in the bush in Oregon and in the Redwoods in Northern California. A new blog post is coming soon. The food tour theme will continue! Best Sam.

  4. Looks like you are living the life!!
    Good for you – nice to relax & just go with the flow, I guess.
    No crappy news to bother with.
    Eats look yummy too.
    Elaine says you in Mexico & no trouble at the border.
    Keep having a wonderful time !!
    Carol & Tony

    • Hi Carol. Good to hear from you! We are having a good time. It’s beautiful here. Fresh seafood, good people and amazing beaches. We hope you are both doing well. Happy Thanksgiving! Sam & Don.

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